The Entrepreneurial Me



I sometimes call myself an “Idea Architect”…and shopping continues to be one of my greatest strengths.  When my daughter and son-in-law and my parents found themselves working in Colombia in the field of oil-related construction, I packed my bags! Little did I know that we would all fall madly deeply in love with this beautiful country and her people, and I fell in love with “las bolsas!”

Not only did I make friends with the owner of this trendy and upscale little shop in Cartagena, but I briefly launched a new business, Austin Purse Stringz.  I sold a lot of bags and used it as an excuse to buy more…and to visit Colombia again and again.  My family has since returned to the U.S., but I’m certain I will visit Cartagena again one day! She holds a place in my heart.

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Rhoni McClennahan, Realtor

Teaching is my passion, and I consider it a blessing to SO enjoy what I do.  Prior to finishing college, though, my dad “strongly encouraged me” to complete the necessary course requirements and activate my real estate salesman’s license.  I’ve held my license since I was 21, more than 30 years, and I “play” with real estate.  I keep it active and I’m always ready to assist my colleagues and others in searching for a new home.  “I do my home work, and I’d love to do yours!”

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