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Rhoni McC (3) 

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An innovative educator and life-long learner, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English & Secondary Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership. I’m a thinker and a researcher and a family girl who enjoys people, music, movies and LOTS of technology!

My journey as an educator has brought to me to the realization that education is ever-changing, and that knowledge is expanding exponentially. I believe we must shift into the role of facilitators, teaching our children how to think critically for themselves and equipping them to navigate their way into the future. Our classrooms must be innovative and media-rich, a reflection of the “real-world” so that our students are global communicators, digitally competitive when they leave our campuses. Teaching is hard work, and effective teaching is even harder. I’ll stay current with trends in education and am happy to assist others with strategies for incorporating writing across the curriculum and the use of digital tools in the core classes. I’m passionate about nurturing and promoting a FEARLESS love for technology so please connect with me via email or follow and message me on Twitter @msmacarhoni. Someone once said, “Learning is like rowing upstream. Not to advance is to drop back. So, let’s row!

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